Panel PC characteristics

Panel PC as a PC-touchscreen monitor combination, integrated in one casing, are aiming for numerous purposes. In industrial process automation, they frequently serve as interface between humans and machines (HMI: “Human Machine Interface”), whereas in logistics they are often used as graphical input tools.
They can also be understood as variation of an Industrial PC. Without active cooling fan, also Panel PC are resistant to harmful impacts such as dust, moisture and mechanical loads like shocks, concussions, and vibrations.
Touchscreen monitors as part of Panel PC differ not only as to their screen sizes. Their operating concept is important too. A resistive touchscreen responds to finger contacts as well as to non-conductive objects. That’s why resistive touchscreens can be operated with gloves and even by synthetic pens.
A capacitive touchscreen, on the other hand, is mechanically more robust: it often works despite a screen fissure. It enables higher-contrasted images and, furthermore, masters the “Multi-touch sensing” technique, which is a prerequisite for zooming into an image by moving two fingers on the screen.
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