Sometimes the power supply is not secure, e.g. if industrial PCs are used outdoors or in mobile use in trains, trucks, cars etc. The problem is not the low voltage of mostly 12 V or 24 V that is regularly available in vehicles, but the inadequate regulation of the voltage for computers.

That is why there are industrial PCs that tolerate voltage fluctuations in the range 8 V to 35 V. In addition, industrial PCs can be equipped with an “ignition control”. This switch-on delay prevents damage, for example in the event of a sharp drop in voltage when the engine is started. Ask us about this type of “switch-on delay” control.

Power-saving CPUs are often installed in laptops. Depending on the area of application and performance requirements, such CPUs can also be used for industrial PCs. For example, if batteries are to be spared.

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