OMTEC Vertriebs GmbH is one of the leading companies for industrial PC and panel PC. Our customers come from industry, trade and research and development.

Outstanding products, experienced customer service and efficient cooperation with our customers distinguish us.

Our managing director Olaf Mergili attaches great importance to satisfied customers, for which he uses all his strength and his know-how. Mr. Mergili is supported by professional and highly motivated employees. Our mission statement is: “The best for the customer”.

Of course, this includes empathy – the basic idea is “WE”.

  • We take a holistic view of every task, every order, every customer request so that we meet all technical requirements and delight our customers with our service.
  • Our self-image is based on We – together: Communication through dialogue as an integrative approach.
  • We have vision. So that we can continue to competently meet technical requirements and delight our customers.
  • We focus on the customer, we understand their requirements and tailor our offers to their individual needs, be it technical or service.
  • We act success-oriented: investment and planning security for the customer along with economic success for everyone involved.
  • We continuously develop our product and service quality and continuously optimize our processes in order to maintain our high standards.

OMTEC Vertriebs GmbH, Am Hafen 3, 26316 Varel, Germany